Summer Sex 3: The Park

Af: Alexandra Södergran, Beau Cox (læst af), Martin Reib Petersen (oversætter)



Eddie and Alice are going to the park but keep getting distracted by each other's probing fingers. It's so difficult to keep from groping each other, especially when Alice has just whispered that she is naked underneath her dress. The park is full of people, but their urges are entirely irresistible.

Their carefree intimacy inspires another couple in the park, and soon the entire park feels as if it's shimmering with the joys of summer.

Summer Sex is a collection of three short stories. The Park is the third part. Alexandra Södergran is an anonymous Swedish author of erotic short stories. Her stories often deal with taboo topics in exciting and innovative ways. She has written more than twenty erotic short stories.

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