Valentine's Night - Erotic Short Story

Af: Katja Slonawski, Lily Ward (læst af), Åsa Bengtsson (oversætter)



Erotica, sex, desire, lust, passion, valentine, night, forbidden, teacher, student

"When Moa pressed herself against him, she could feel his hard-on, and her body turned to jelly. Stefan took her hand, guided her to his cock, and she started stroking it on the outside of his trousers. He slipped his hand in between her buttocks and his thumb found its way into her anus. For a couple of seconds, it seemed too tight, but then her body relaxed, and when he started moving his thumb in and out, Moa experienced a pleasant sensation she had never felt before."

Valentine's Night is an erotic short story about forbidden sex. He is a handsome, older teacher at a vocational college, and she is his student, but it becomes obvious that nothing can stop their attraction to one another. However, Moa seems to have more than one secret admirer... Katja Slonawski writes thrilling, erotically charged novellas about everyday people in unusual situations. While she focuses on the delightfully tingling sensation that only touch and expectation can create, she portrays complex characters that challenge the boundaries of the more traditional erotica. Katja Slonawski is an author and wordsmith, living in Skåne county, but born and bred in Gothenburg.

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