Two Friends

Af: Guy de Maupassant, A. E. Henderson (oversætter)



It’s 1870 and the Siege of Paris is in full swing, where the French-Prussian war has brought daily life to a halt. Wearied, starving, and strung out on absinthe, two men meet by chance at their favourite fishing spot. "Two Friends" follows Morissot and Sauvage as they make their way into no man’s land and drink away the miseries of the war.
A powerful short story that extolls the virtues of French patriotism and dramatises the cruelties of war. Maupassant’s portrayal yearns for a return to ordinary life and real human connections, through plain philosophy and simple language suited to the styles of Flaubert and Hemingway. Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) was a famous French writer, often referred to as the father of the short story. A prolific writer, his best known works include "Bel-Ami", "Une Vie" and "The Necklace", alongside some 300 short stories, travel books, and poetry. A master of style and dramatic narrative, Maupassant’s stories are drawn to themes of war, the working class, and the human condition. One of his greatest influences was Gustave Flaubert, who introduced him to some of the central names of the time such as Emile Zola, Ivan Turgenev, and Henry James.

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