Three To Love

Af: Rebel Carter, Jeannette Robinson (læst af)



Set in the frontier town of Gold Sky, Colorado, young Florence Wickes-Barnes reputation as a dramatic and passionate individual precedes her. Little do the townspeople know that below the fiery surface, all Florence longs for is a love as steady and kind as that of her mother and two fathers. When Florence spots Ansel Ortega and Brenden Black together – clearly deeply in love, she decides to find out if they can make room in their hearts for her too. ‘Three to Love’ is the fourth in the ‘Gold Sky’ historical romance series by American author Rebel Carter. Rebel Carter is a romance novelist from Colorado, USA. Her books are packed with passion, intriguing and dynamic characters, and plenty of steamy scenes. A writer of both contemporary and historical romance fiction, Carter is an exciting new voice in the romance genre.

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