The Secret House

Af: Edgar Wallace



Inspector T.B. Smith of Scotland Yard has got a lot on his plate. Two men are found shot to death outside the door of a millionaire, who happens to live just a few doors down from Smith himself. And a terrifying blackmailer, who runs a crude gossip rag, continues to elude the police. Inspector Smith is on the case, which eventually leads him to a secret, strange house, that sems to have a life of its own... "The Secret House" is a complex and exciting mystery from the "King of Thrillers" Edgar Wallace. Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was an English writer so prolific, that one of his publishers claimed that he was behind a quarter of all books sold in England. An author, journalist and poet, he wrote countless novels, short stories, screen plays, stage plays, historical non-fiction, etc. Today, more than 160 films have been made from his work. He died suddenly in Hollywood in 1932, during the initial drafting of his most famous work, "King Kong".

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