The Power of Attraction - Lesbian Erotica

Af: Roksana Zubrzycka, Hanna Sitter (oversætter)



When Mal decides to end her five-year relationship with Anna, she feels it is a new beginning. However, time passes, and the excitement turns to sadness. She tries to convince herself that the breakup was a good decision, but a part of her misses her former beloved. One night, a woman from her dreams shows up at her place. Long-dormant feelings awaken in Mal... Roksana Zubrzycka is a Polish writer of erotic stories. She believes that every being deserves love and respect, and through her work, she tries to convey her values and normalise topics which for many are still taboo. She draws inspiration from the world around her, but also from within herself. In each character you can find a fragment of the author's soul.

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