The Lady's Champion

Af: Marie Lipscomb, Connie McQueen (læst af)



Set in the fictional medieval land of Aldland, Lady Natalie Blackmere has long dreamt of somehow meeting the famous champions of Aldland – in particular the legendary Brandon the Bear. When the champions arrive in Blackmere, Natalie disguises herself as a barmaid and sets out to meet Brandon – the hero of so many ballads. When the town is attacked by bandits however, Natalie finds herself alone in the woods with the man she has been dreaming about for so long. The Lady’s Champion is the first in the ‘Hearts of Blackmere’ series by erotic romance author Marie Lipscomb. Marie Lipscomb is a romance author from the north of England. Now based in the USA where she lives with her husband, Marie first fell in love with storytelling when she studied creative writing at the University of Cumbria. Her stories are full of unlikely heroes, fantastical elements, and steamy romance. She is the author of the ‘Hearts of Blackmere’ and ‘Vixens Rock’ series.

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