The Invite - erotic short story

Af: Lea Lind, Lily Ward (læst af), Martin Reib Petersen (oversætter)



When she moves into her new flat, she is merely relieved to have found such a lovely and cheap place to live. But when she looks out of the window the next morning, she notices that the place has even more to offer. In the window across from her, she can see a beautiful young couple having hot sex, and they clearly don't mind being watched while they do. All that's missing now is an invitation to join them.

The short story has been published in collaboration with Swedish film producer Erika Lust. Her purpose is to depict human nature and variance using stories about passion, intimacy, love and lust, in a combination of compelling stories and erotic comedy. Lea Lind is an erotic author. In addition to "The Invite", she has published the short stories "Tinder Taxi" and "Flesh"

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