The Adventures of the Elves 2: The Sorceress, Black Raven

Af: Peter Gotthardt, Amalie Bischoff (oversætter)



In the Land of Elves lies a castle. Here live the elf king and queen with their knights, who shall fight against the many enemies of the elves. The knights‘ tournament is about to begin and the young knight, Acorn, is just entering the field when a mysterious raven flies away with the king‘s crown. At once, Acorn and his girlfriend Rosehip set out to find the crown. Luckily, Acorn and Rosehip meet a dwarf who shows them the right way. Peter Gotthardt was born in Denmark close to Copenhagen in 1946. As a child he loved to read, and spent much of his time reading his was through his local libraries collections of history and adventure books. Gotthardt has written more than 60 books for children of which many are set within the realm of the Elves.

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