The Adventures of Pinocchio

Af: Carlo Collodi, Carol Della Chiesa (oversætter)



"The Adventures of Pinocchio" follows the heartwarming and magnificent tale of an old woodcarver who decides to create a boy out of wood and give him life. He names him Pinocchio. Many adventures and misfortunes to the animated doll and his "father" in the strange and often hostile outside world. Collodi wanted to use his creation to portray specific human characteristics and also to serve as a metaphor for the various adventures in life and their lessons. It is one of the most translated Italian books and has been made into countless movies, songs, theatrical plays etc. Carlo Collodi (1826-1890) was an Italian novelist, journalist, and humorist, remembered for his children’s classic "The Adventures of Pinocchio". He was interested in politics, society, and the relationships between people. He later decided to portray his imagination allegorically and turned his ideas into the famous novel "Pinocchio", which is to this day considered one of the greatest children’s books of all times and was made into the extremely popular Disney movie.

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