Such a Precious Treasure – Erotic Short Story

Af: Chrystelle Leroy, Lust (oversætter)



"His excitement swells in me and radiates through my whole body surrendered to him. My cries come thick and fast and mingle with his. My orgasm is as brutal as the first one, and his too."

Arja is passionate about ancient coins and her country, India. Very involved in the local life of her neighbourhood in Mumbai, she regularly takes the underprivileged children in her care to the beach to search for metal. It is during one of these outings that she will meet an attractive man who seems to share with her the same passion for rare coins and who will guide the children to a place that could well hide the treasure of their lives. What are the coins they're going to find and what is hidden by the handsome numismatist they meet on the beach? One treasure can sometimes hide another... Born in Montreal to a Breton father, Chrystelle LeRoy’s family owned a zoo from which she derives a passion for observing animals and nature. As an adult, she became a historian, working for museums in Canada and France before specialising in digital writing where she won several awards. She introduces a dose of exoticism into her novels, often built on a background of historical reality.

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