Old Rose and Silver

Af: Myrtle Reed



Rose Bernard, at forty, is well on her way to confirmed spinsterhood. The love that she had always looked for eludes her. And now, when she finally finds a man she loves, he is in love with another. At turns colorful, melancholy, romantic, and zany, Myrtle Reed’s "Old Rose and Silver" is a gem of a historical romance novel. Myrtle Reed (1874-1911) was an American author, poet and journalist. A best-selling romance novelist and Chicago socialite, she was one of America’s best-known authors in the first decade of the 20th century. Her most famous works include "Lavender and Old Lace" (1902), "Threads of Grey and Gold" (1913) and "A Weaver of Deams" (1911). Reed also wrote numerous cookbooks.

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