Madame Bovary

Af: Gustave Flaubert, Eleanor Marx Aveling (oversætter)



"Madam Bovary" is Gustave Flaubert’s debut novel and traces the life of the beautiful Emma Bovary, caught in the vicious circle of banality and boredom. Married to a simple man, limited to the provincial life outside, and dreaming with her eyes glued to the sentimental novels around her, Emma’s psyche embarks on a journey of sexual and psychological awakening. A novel about failed expectations and the disruption of social standards, "Madam Bovary" is not only recommended, but a must-read for fans of literature in general. Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) has earned his rightful place among the greatest French and Western writers. His literary career is famous for extraordinary style, exact dictum, and remarkable proportions of the depicted situations. Gently navigating the delicate line between romanticism and realism, Flaubert’s influence is undeniable. His best known works include the scandalous and overtly realistic "Madam Bovary", the historical novel "Salammbo" and the painting-inspired "The Temptation of Saint Anthony".

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