Leshy, the Forest Demon, and the Fox's Daughter – Slavic Eco-Erotica

Af: Catrina Curant, Hanna Sitter (oversætter)



What if something wild is lurking in the forest? Something more dangerous than an animal? When she was a little girl, she lived in a fantasy world, convinced that her imagination created mysterious creatures. Now she's back as an adult woman. The forest calls her and she answers. Who is the being that once called her the Fox’s Daughter, and is it real? Eroticism: wild, primal. And a mouth that tastes like wild honey.
Do you dare to enter the forest?
Catrina Curant is the artistic pseudonym of a Polish writer. Experimenting in bed, searching for new sensations and discovering her own nature is something natural for her. She writes columns for an erotic portal, visits swingers' clubs and BDSM shows. She is fascinated by the Japanese art of Shibari, and in her texts she tries to combine mysticism with eroticism and the natural human desire to fulfil one's desires. She does not recognise taboos, and human sexuality is the passion of her life.

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