Elisabeth’s Day

Af: – Cupido, Julie Able (læst af), Saga Egmont (oversætter)



Stories about the dominant woman or man, the couple or stranger who explore the boundaries of their sexuality with role play, BDSM, swinging or orgies of sexual mystery.

This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains following short stories:t

"The clock on the wall struck twelve as Markus led her into the bedroom. Obediently, the other two men followed." – Elisabeth’s Day by Deka

"She was both looking forward to the evening, yet at the same time worrying about what would happen. She entered a black-painted room that reminded her of a church. Inside, there were three men. And just one woman – the centre of attention for the evening!" – Deep Inside by Janette Zoe
CUPIDO – the magazine for intimate, horny pleasure – has been publishing erotic fiction based on readers’ everyday fantasies and sexual experiences since 1984.rn

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