Beneath the Checked Flannel Shirt - Erotic Short Story

Af: Malin Edholm



Emelie and Tina are sat at the bar in a dark joint somewhere in Canada when Emilie spots the big, brawny Glenn in his flannel shirt. She is mesmerised by his looks. As if the object of all her best, wet dreams have stepped straight out of her fantasies and into the cosy, dingy bar. His very existence blocks everything else and her brain seems incapable of taking anything else in. She cannot think about anything but sex. Tonight there is nothing she would like more than to be properly taken by a hunk of a man. She's decided that Glenn is the guy she wants and nothing will stand in her way.... She is unstoppable. Is Glenn everything she has ever wanted, dreamed about and hoped for? "Beneath the Checked Flannel Shirt" is an erotic short story with a feminist touch.

Malin Edholm has a B.Sc in Gender Studies, she loves to write erotic short stories with a feminist, revolutionary aspect.

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