Argentinian Heat

Af: Hans Jakob Helms



The conference in Argentina is supposed to be just like any other boring business trip. This time, however, something unexpected happens. The Danish civil servant has an erotic encounter with an Argentinian woman dressed en silk and fur. The exotic beauty shows him sides of the Argentinian culture that they can’t teach him at the conference. The Danish author Hans Jakob Helms was born in East Greenland in 1949. Hans Jakob Helms’ books are inspired by his great knowledge of Greenland, his many years of experience as an official in both Greenland and Denmark and as a participant of conferences and negotiations all over the world. His first novel, "Giftpølen" was published in 1977 and was followed up by several critically acclaimed books. His latest book, "Hold da kræft mand" is about his own experiences with prostate cancer.

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