Against the Voice of Reason – Dark Erotica

Af: Nadia Drozd, Hanna Sitter (oversætter)



Dark erotica.
It is difficult to come to terms with a breakup, especially when both sides never really leave. A forbidden, never-ending game takes place between the characters, leaving both of them craving each other even more. Trapped in the snares of passion and longing, they come back together again and again. Nadia Drozd is the pseudonym of a Polish writer of erotic stories who explores themes bordering on realism and fantasy in her work. She takes readers on a journey through their own innermost dreams and desires, of which they are often unaware. Her stories are characterised by a strong emotional undertone, which builds a tense atmosphere and makes it easier for the reader to empathise with the situations in which the characters are placed.

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