A Housewife’s New Experience

Af: Cupido And Others, Alessandra Anderson (læst af), Saga Egmont (oversætter)



There’s nothing like the fresh mountain air, waves crashing against the beach, the wind caressing your chest, the water touching your sex...

This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains following short stories:

"She hadn’t seen her childhood friend for five years. The one she’d rolled about with in the tall grass by the raspberry bushes." - A Savoury Tooth by Horatia

"He suddenly ran into an old friend. It was a story she had never told him." - Murmurs by Elliot Watson

"He wished for her to have them with all of his heart. Of course, he wanted to invite these young boys on his camping trip." - A Housewife’s New Experience by The Sexual Democrats - 1987

"She had walked an hour from the top of the Ulriken cable car. It was a weekday - who would ever have imagined that someone would discover her sunbathing naked?" - A Summer’s Day in Bergen by Mona, Bergen CUPIDO – the magazine for intimate, horny pleasure – has been publishing erotic fiction based on readers’ everyday fantasies and sexual experiences since 1984.

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