10 Simple Relaxation Exercises

Af: Frédéric Garnier, Katie Haigh (læst af)



Stress, tension and anxiety take their toll through premature aging and various health problems while making us miss out on all the positive life is offering every day. To relax and get free of tension in a fast-paced society, you will need simple and efficient techniques, easy to learn and quick to apply. These ten simple exercices are designed to provide you with a range of proven techniques to help you achieve relaxation in a simple way. They will guide you into a state of relaxation whenever you choose; the specific techniques given in each exercise are known to improve mental control, overall health, and help you relieve stress in any situation, be it pressure at work or anxiety at home. You can also practice the techniques taught inside whenever you need to decrease stress, bring down anxiety, or simply take a mental vacation from everyday worries.

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