10 Mythological Heroes and Stories, Greek Mythology

Af: James Gardner, Paul Spera (læst af)



Ten mythological heroes and stories from Greek mythology, for a delightful overview of the fundamentals of our culture. This is a selection of the most touching and inspiring stories from Ancient Greece; they have all inspired countless works of art through the centuries, often come from even more ancient myths, and are here retold in a detailed and lively manner. This selection contains: The myth of Apollo and Daphne, about the revenge of the cruel god Eros on Apollo; Atalanta, the story of the swiftest runner who ever was; Echo and Narcissus, about a nymph who angered a god; Endymion, a shepherd whose beauty made the goddess Diana fall in love; Icarus, this ageless story of failure at the hands of pride; King Midas, the famous cautionary tale; Orpheus and Eurydice, the ultimate tragic love story and one of the most famous Greek myths; Phaeton, a similar story to that of Icarus about the pride of wanting to be like a god; Pygmalion, a sculptor so skilled he fell in love with one of his creations; and the death of Adonis, one of Greece's most touching stories, in which a goddess hopelessly falls in love with a man whose sole passion is hunting.

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